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Urban sketching workshop harvester 1940 International Harvester Sketch

Online Sketching Workshop

Watch, learn and sketch alongside Ian Fennelly in this truck sketching workshop as he teaches you live on-screen how to bring this 1940 Harvester Truck to life, in step-by-step detail!

This workshop is a recording of a previous live event so you have the perfect amount of time to sketch along with Ian, let your paints dry and continue to learn!

Discover How to Sketch & Paint this Incredible Harvester with Ian Fennelly

1940 international Harvester
Chester Eastgate Clock
Chester Eastgate Clock
Chester Eastgate Clock

Learning Experience with Ian Fennelly

Follow-along with Ian, step-by-step as he shows you how to simplify what you’re drawing, how to choose the right colours and how to apply them. How to get the size and proportions just right and how to achieve the perspective and distortion that is so unique to his style. And so much more!

This will be a fun and packed learning experience and a rare opportunity to work alongside Ian Fennelly while learning and participating.

You’ll be able to see dozens of fellow urban sketchers from around the world who are at all different abilities, from complete beginners to advanced artists.

Listen as they ask Ian their own questions at the end of each step as well as larger Q+A as a break. Remember, this workshop is a recording of a previous live event, so you’ll experience all of the fun involved in a workshop without the stress of working to Ian’s speed!

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6 step process easily broken down


Step By Step Training From Ian Fennelly


Q+A recording of other students queries


Additional summaries from Ian after each step


Lifetime 24/7 access


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Is this workshop suitable for beginners?

Yes. Ian will assume no prior experience and will take you carefully through each of the steps in his process as he is doing it – from blank page to the shapes and colours he uses, through to finished artwork.

Is this a live event?

No. This workshop is a recording of a previous live event. You’ll be able to speed up and slow down the recording so that you can learn at your own pace.

What supplies will I need for this workshop?

You are free to work with whatever tools you have available, but here is Ian’s supply list:  


  • A3 watercolour paper. Preferably hot press 300gsm.
  • Tombow Brush Pens – black and a range of greys, particularly the lighter greys – N15, N79, N89, N95
  • Black fine liner pens – from 0.1 – 0.5 Pilot, Staedtler, Faber Castell, Derwent – any of these brands are fine.
  • Watercolour pan set– Ian uses Winsor and Newton but any good brand will do. The most common colours in Ian’s range are black, white, cadmium yellow, cadmium red, quinacridone gold, alizarin crimson, burnt sienna, raw umber, cobalt turquoise light, cerulean blue, ultramarine blue, winsor blue.
  • Watercolour brushes – variety of sizes from flats to riggers to small round heads.
What is the difference between workshops & demonstration sketches?

Ian’s demonstration sketches are done at his usual (much faster) pace. Although you’re free to follow-along, you might struggle to keep up with Ian, so the purpose is really to watch him producing his work live on screen which takes around an hour.

This sketching workshop, on the hand, is a learning experience that takes around 3 hours.

You’ll be working alongside Ian and the other learners at a slower, more relaxed pace. Ian will take you through each stage in the process – explaining everything he’s doing and why he’s doing it. There will also be regular pauses to give you a chance to catch up. You’ll also have access to this workshop to watch over and over again.

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