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Discover Ian’s easy-to-follow methods that you can use to transform any ordinary building on your high street into a postcard-perfect sketch!

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Buildings are the cornerstone of urban sketching. Yet, despite their importance, many urban sketchers end up with buildings that are out of proportion, overdone, or simply lacking the , detail, and charm they hoped to express.

And not everyone lives in a Big City with stately homes and beautiful architecture on their doorstep. That’s why so many aspiring artists also struggle to find buildings they consider interesting enough to sketch.

But that’s what makes this extraordinary new training from Ian Fennelly so effective.

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You see, this isn’t about learning how to sketch a Gaudí architectural masterpiece, or an iconic landmark, like Tower Bridge or the Taj Mahal. It’s quite the opposite, in fact.

The High Street Sketch Course is about how to find and draw the treasure that’s already on your doorstep.

Even if you’re a complete beginner, through this phenomenal new course you’ll discover the sketching secrets for transforming even the dullest building in your neighborhood… into a captivating, postcard perfect picture you’ll be thrilled to share.

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6 Sketching WORKSHOPS

In this comprehensive course, Ian sketches six regular buildings – each of a different size, shape, and style – and guides you step-by-step through his unique process for sketching each one. Here’s what you’re about to discover:

Workshop #1:

Tudor Cottage

Tudor Cottage

In this first engaging online workshop, you’ll follow-along with Ian learning how to capture a Tudor cottage made up of stunning timber frames, and black and white beams and surrounded by beautiful foliage and sandstone walls.

But this workshop is not about the subject – it’s about how to capture the basic shape, scale, and composition of a building. First Ian shows you how to sketch the loose outline with pencil before breaking down the next steps to create an outline with fine liner.

Then, Ian will show you how he chooses a range of playful colors, and how to experiment with adding water to your sketch to produce a lovely effect. You will then finish off by learning how to pick out the details to add to your sketch, and which details to leave out.

Workshop #2:



Your next online workshop is a perfect case study for how to take a very plain, ordinary-looking building and make it extraordinary through the power of observation and complementary s.

While you’ll learn how to play with perspective, and apply subtle distortion – a lot of focus is on the details that bring your picture to vivid life. You’ll also learn how to add drama through sharp angles and looking deeper and deeper into the scene, finding hidden layers and angles that produce a striking sketch.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll never again be stuck for inspiration. You’ll realize there’s beauty on every street – you just need to know where to look and how to express it. It’s all covered in detail, in this training.

Workshop #3:

Gift Shop


In workshop 3, you’ll be working with Ian to draw a quaint village gift shop/post office. Learn how to tell the story of this shop by challenging yourself by really looking into the scene.

Ian will teach you how to choose layers, and details and also help you to decide what to eliminate from your sketch.

You’ll learn how to choose a specific composition whilst looking at this front elevation and how to pull smaller elements like the post-box, railings, chimneys, cameras, and more.

Finally, you’ll discover how bring the whole sketch to life through the use of complementary placement.

Workshop #4:

Old Barn


In workshop 4, we head further up the high street to the old barn to work on this slightly more angled building. In this scene, Ian shows you how to feel inspired by the perspective of this building and how to capture the stunning beams of this Tudor architecture.

This is a more complex scene in terms of perspective, so watch, listen, and learn as Ian shows you how to find your vanishing points and how to portray depth.

You’ll discover how to use vibrant colors to portray the rich history and how to use this alongside white space to create impact and bring your sketch to life.

Workshop #5:

St Alban’s Church

St Alban’s Church

In Workshop 5, you will be focusing on St Alban’s Church, a beautiful historical Grade II listed building that dates back to the early sixteen century.

This workshop focuses heavily on how to find your scene using cropping and scaling and using space effectively and capturing details that tell the story of the texture and age of this building.

This scene is packed full of some wonderful architectural details, such as stone arched windows, roof files, aged textures, gargoyles, and more!

Workshop #6:

Village Hall


In Workshop 6, you’ll explore the relationship between two buildings and how to look deeper into a scene that at first appears flat.

You’ll discover how to use surrounding details to give the scale and perspective context. You’ll learn how to visualize the angles and perspective before you draw a single line and discover Ian’s subtle direction techniques to strengthen and manipulate your perspective to add drama.


By the end of this course, you’ll understand Ian’s complete front elevation sketching methodology at a deep level. And you’ll know how to apply this process to any building. Specifically, you’ll learn:

Perfect Proportions

Uncover Ian’s methods for perfecting the angles, scaling, and proportions of any building.

Pencil Sketching Techniques

Learn Ian’s techniques for effortlessly sketching out your first lines and shapes.

Color Wheel Training

Discover Ian’s simple High Contrast, High Impact combinations that make even the most ordinary buildings pop with personality.

Front Elevation Masterclass

Discover little-known tips and unconventional touches that instantly transform a building from dull and flat – to fun and interesting.

Detail Development

Learn Ian’s counterintuitive methods for simplifying any sketch while picking out the overlooked details that bring your entire picture to life.

Watercolor Coaching

Uncover Ian’s unorthodox water selection and mixing processes that produce striking sketches.

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But that’s not all…

Along With This Course You’ll Also Get These Bonuses Absolutely FREE (Worth )


Water Exercise Series

( Value)

Along with this course, you’ll receive a bonus Water Training Series that has been carefully designed by Ian to build your skills and complement the training you’re getting from each workshop.

Through this series of practice exercises, you’ll learn Ian’s thinking behind selection and how to choose, mix and create your own complementary s that result in a perfectly balanced picture that is infused with personality and charm.

watercolor training - ian fennelly


Urban Sketchers Feedback Gallery

( Value)

Buy this course and you’ll also gain access to our thriving online feedback gallery.

This is a safe and private place where urban sketchers of all abilities can share their work without judgement – while getting positive, constructive feedback from supportive, like-minded sketchers who are all rooting for you!

There’s no better place to learn, overcome challenges and build your confidence and skills than the Urban Sketch Feedback Gallery.

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Ian Fennelly has built an extraordinary reputation as one of the world’s finest urban sketchers and most sought-after teachers.

Ian’s distinct style of on-location art, engaging teaching methods and all-round creativity has earned him a passionate global following.

In High Street Sketch Course, Ian peels back the curtain and reveals his layer-by-layer methodology for sketching front elevations in locations close to home.

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Despite their simple shapes, sketching buildings can be a challenge even for the most accomplished of artists. But, through the High Street Sketch Course you’ll acquire Ian’s finest tricks and techniques for capturing the scale, perspective, and detail of any building.

Sketching courses Ian Fennelly

And you’ll never again be stuck for inspiration. Through this comprehensive training, you’ll develop an uncanny ability to find the beauty in any street, and produce energetic, expressive, and ful sketches that are bursting with personality and charm.

Hit the Buy button below and you’ll get instant, lifetime access to all six workshops and bonuses. We’re certain this will be one of the most valuable investments you make in yourself on your urban sketching journey.

You’ll Get:

The complete High Street Sketch Course (6 Online Workshops) 
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✔ BONUS 2: Free Access to our Urban Sketchers Feedback Gallery ( Value)
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I am a complete beginner, is this course suitable for me?

Yes, this course has been designed for beginners. Ian assumes no prior knowledge or skills in the High Street Sketch Course. Starting with a pencil and a blank page, you’ll be guided, step-by-step, from drawing your first line and then slowly building up your picture, stage by stage.

Ian is an accomplished and engaging teacher with the ability to break down, explain, and demonstrate even the most difficult aspects of sketching, in simple terms.

You’ll learn how to get the proportions right on your page first, draw the right shapes, and then carefully layer your picture with more detail, and tone. You’ll be stunned at the results you achieve, even if you’re brand new to this.

Can I follow along with Ian while taking this course?

Yes. Ian has broken each workshop down into easy-to-understand stages that are designed for you to follow-along with from the comfort of home. And within each of the stages, he takes you through each step in the process, while explaining and demonstrating everything he is doing, slowly and methodically.

What’s more, you can slow down, pause, or speed up each tutorial to suit your own style of learning. And with lifetime access, you can watch the course over and over again until you know this stuff almost as well as Ian does!

I'm NOT a beginner, how will this course help me?

While this course has been designed with beginners in mind, many experienced sketchers take our courses to learn more about Ian’s specific techniques and style, along with his particular thinking behind certain components of sketching, such as choice.

Along with the sketching training, you’re also learning other important factors of urban sketching, such as how Ian chooses his locations and angles, and how he picks out certain details to draw, while leaving other details out.

How long do I get course access for?

You’ll get lifetime access to the course and all of the downloads and resources that come with it. It never expires which means that you can you learn in your own time and at your own pace and watch the course over and over again. Each time you go through it you’ll learn something new.

I'm not very technical, will I be able to use this course?

Yes. Our online learning platform is very simple to use. Each tutorial is delivered by video and requires nothing more than clicking the play button.


Where was this course filmed?

The High Street Sketch Course was professionally filmed in Ian’s private studio, with some footage filmed on location in the small village of Tattenhall, which is located in the North West of the UK.

However, this course is not about the location. Instead, the purpose is to prove that you don’t need to travel far and you certainly don’t need stately buildings and beautiful architecture to produce stunning sketches! Through the High Street Sketch Course, Ian inspires you to find and sketch ordinary buildings in your local town and make them into something special.

You’ll strengthen your observational skills and you’ll gain the know-how to make even the most ‘boring’ building in your neighborhood, a beautiful work of art. Ian proves this perfectly in workshop 3 “The Chippy”. A building so bland and uninspiring that passersby barely notice it. Yet, through the high contrast, high impact combinations and focus point techniques that Ian teaches in this course, the result is an awe-inspiring sketch.


We’ve poured everything into making what we believe are the best urban sketching courses available. However, if after buying any of our courses you are unhappy for any reason (or no reason at all), just let us know within 30-days and we’ll happily issue you with a full refund. No explanation needed and no hoops to jump through. Signing up to our courses is risk-free.

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