About Us

Our mission is to connect you with the world through the art of urban sketching

At UrbanSketchCourse.com, we believe in nurturing confidence, sparking joy, and fostering a supportive community where everyone can find fulfillment and connection. By providing accessible, engaging, and expertly guided courses, we help aspiring artists break free from self-doubt, embrace their creative potential, and celebrate the beauty of the world around them, one sketch at a time.

Pictured: Student Julie M

About Urban Sketch Course

Creativity is about so much more than skill, art has the power to change lives. And our students are proof of this.

We believe that art helps us to lead more fulfilling and healthier lives and the fun lies within the journey, the noticing, the stories, the people you meet along the way and not just within the results.

Enjoying the process

Finding confidence

Sharing stories through art

Feeling inspired

Documenting your world

Supportive community

Ian Fennelly wife sketching

About Ian Fennelly

A former art teacher with a background in traditional studio painting, Ian discovered urban sketching in 2015 when he realised he wanted to focus more on the narrative aspect of art.

From that point forward, Ian’s career in urban sketching has led him on a global adventure of teaching both online and in person, educating learners in the art of on-location sketching while exploring how to capture stories and observe the world around them in a new and engaging way.

Meet the Team – Sketch Style!

Get to know some of the faces behind our courses with sketches created by our students and team!

Ian Fennelly art Fen art sketch drawing


Your Tutor

Sketched by student Jim L



Sketched by student Julien O



Sketched by student Carolyn G


Film Production

Sketched by student Donna L



Sketched by Kayla


Customer Support

Sketched by Lucy

How We Work

Inspired by you, driven by creativity

We’re proud to create high-quality educational sketching courses filmed on location. It’s our students like you that inspire everything we do. Your feedback, ideas and creativity help us shape our new courses, services and products.

We think it’s important to have fun with art and try to bring this across in our courses. Our urban sketching community is at the heart of everything we do because as a team of creatives, you help us to grow too!