Urban Sketching Courses

Learn With Ian Fennelly

Take a look at our range of instructive and highly engaging online urban sketching courses created with renowned artist, teacher and author, Ian Fennelly. Each course takes you from blank page to finished artwork teaching you a wide range of skills. Most of our courses are filmed on location so that you get to learn alongside Ian, while experiencing a variety of authentic urban sketching environments  – all from the comfort of home!

Rural Sketch Course

Learn the secrets of crafting stunning landscapes with Ian Fennelly. Filmed in the beautiful Lake District.

High Street Sketch Course

Discover Ian’s easy-to-follow methods that you can use to transform any ordinary building on your high street into a postcard-perfect sketch! 6 Workshops|8+...
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Urban Sketching for Beginners

Join Ian Fennelly in this Urban Sketching for Beginner’s course as he guides you through 47 easy-to-follow lessons and practical exercises that transform you from complete beginner to skilled urban sketcher! 4 Workshops|7+...
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Urban Zoo Sketching

Join Ian Fennelly on a wild adventure as he reveals his unique techniques for sketching & painting magnificent animal pictures! 16 Workshops|8+...
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Virtual World Sketching Tour

Join Ian Fennelly in his home studio as he takes you on an incredible journey to 4 exciting countries while teaching you the exact techniques and style that have made him one of the world’s most revered urban sketchers! 4 Workshops|5+...
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Robin Hood’s Bay Sketching Course

Tucked away in the cliffs of North-East England is a spectacular fishing village that’s steeped in history and bursting with myths, legends and fantastic true-life stories of pirates and smugglers! 6 Workshops|6+...
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Pub Sketching Tour

Watch, learn and follow-along with Ian as he takes you on a fascinating learning journey to 4 quaint British pubs while teaching you the techniques and style that have made him one of the world’s best loved urban sketchers! 4 Workshops|6+...
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Sketch Barcelona Course

Join Ian Fennelly on a breathtaking sketching adventure in the heart of Barcelona, as he shares his finest lessons for capturing the extraordinary architecture, iconic structures, and undeniable charm of this enchanting Spanish city.
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Greatest Hits of London

Join Ian Fennelly in drawing and painting some of London’s most iconic places while learning his 3-step ‘quick sketching’ process that you can apply anywhere! 7 Workshops|9+...
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Sketching 5 Villages

Join Ian Fennelly on an exciting and creative new journey to 5 classic English villages while he teaches you the techniques and style that have made him one of the world’s best loved urban sketchers! 6 Workshops|8+...
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Sketch Wales

Learn with Ian Fennelly as he teaches you his latest urban sketching methods while capturing the inexplicable charm of one of the world’s most enchanting countries! 8 Workshops|10+...
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Urban Junkyard

Follow-along with Ian at his local junkyard as he breaks the mould of ’traditional’ urban sketching and teaches you step-by-step how to confidently draw and paint anything in his own much-loved style. 4 Workshops|3+...
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