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Whether you’re brand new to the modern world of Urban Sketching or an established artist, Urban Sketch Course will lead you on a creative journey. From beginner to Urban Sketch artist, transforming your skill set and banishing any pen to paper fears you may have. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your pens and paintbrushes, pick up your sketch pad and get ready to absorb your surroundings. The Urban Sketch Course is your first steps on a journey to becoming a top-class Urban Sketcher.

Throughout this highly creative course, we will arm you with the ability to enhance your skills, redecorate your sketchbooks and polish each artwork to perfection. Along this step-by-step, informative journey, you will discover your own artistic style of urban sketching and compile spectacular pieces of artwork. Paint the way to your artistic success with the skills you’ll learn from Urban Sketch Course.


Chester Bridge by Ian Fennelly

With the knowledge and skills taught to you by Artist Ian Fennelly, he will guide you through everything you need to know about the world of Urban Sketching.

Pull up a chair and take a seat next to Ian Fennelly as he works progressively through the locations, capturing every detail. Ian will give you the confidence and inspiration you need to go out on location and not only record a scene but ooze the very feel of it, allowing you to pull your audience in your very own urban portal. He provides the know-how, techniques and ingenuity to create beautiful pieces of art from anywhere; in a busy city or the comfort of your own front doorstep…the choice is yours.
Urban Sketch course will help you gather the structures, tools and insight it takes to draw from life. If you aren’t too sure where to begin, or what subject you want to reproduce, Urban Sketch Course is the perfect starting point.

It is the most effective way of exploring the world around you, the different elements, textures and things that the everyday eye fails to notice amongst all the hustle and bustle. This course has been designed for you as a way to improve your sketching and your documenting skills by simply reacting to the things around you.

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Here’s what’s included in this one-of-a-kind course:


8 Module Urban Sketch Course

Learn the craft of Urban Sketching with this step-by-step training.

8 Self-assessment Tests

Retain what you learn.

Practical Assignments

10 practical, self-assessed assignments to help take your sketching to the next level.

Certificate of Achievement

Gain a genuine Urban Sketch Course certification. Looks great on the wall. Impresses at interviews!

Download library

Extra bonus training, resources, checklists and more.

Tutor Support

A team of qualified, professional Urban Sketchers on standby.

Expert Artistic Terminology

Easy explanations of the artistic jargon from beginning to end. You’ll talk, sketch and act like a professional in no time.

Professional Tips

Gain insider knowledge, techniques and tips from Ian Fennelly.

24/7 lifetime access

Study in your own time and at your own pace 24/7.

Monthly Challenges

Stay inspired with out monthly challenges. Share your artwork with fellow students.

Much more!

Be amazed as you watch yourself progress, have fun and produce some of the most beautiful images of your life.

You’ll be able to relax and unwind, discover the mindfulness Urban Sketching brings to you. Embrace and tell stories of your surroundings as you see them; there are no rules.

Join a community of Urban Sketching and feel the rewards.

These online Modules will open your eyes to the wonderful world of urban sketching, introducing you to basic skills, techniques, and method of applying watercolour paint that will help develop your visual ability as an artist.

Join thousands of aspiring sketchers worldwide and give yourself the best opportunity to have your work seen; you’ll discover a world full of fun, creativity, and mindfulness.

For a full breakdown of everything covered in this comprehensive course, please view the course modules page. Each module has been carefully constructed by an expert team of artists, editors and award-winning professionals to help you transform your ideas and turn those blank sketchbook pages into something exciting!

Module #1


Here's what's covered in this module:

  • Understand what Urban Sketching is
  • Understand the background and origin of Urban Sketching
  • Identify equipment you will use throughout the course
  • Get to know Artist Ian Fennelly
  • Much more!

Module #2

Cheshire House

Here's what's covered in this module:

  • Understand how to simplify shapes
  • Understand scale and perspective
  • Identify equipment you will use throughout the course modules
  • Understand how to compose and frame a sketch
  • Much more!

Module Location

Ian's Sketch

Module #3

Broxton Garden

Here's what's covered in this module:

  • Have an understanding of what a rural sketch is
  • Learn how to effectively use negative space
  • Understand tone
  • Learn about mark making and texture
  • Learn how to start a sketch using paint as your medium
  • Much more!

Module Location

Ian's Sketch

Module #4

Chester Cross

Here's what's covered in this module:

  • Understand how to deal with crowds on location
  • Learn how to set up effectively on location
  • Understand the problems faced with sketching on location
  • Learn how to make the most of ‘white space’ and use it to your advantage
  • Understand how to use local colour
  • Learn how to create depth in your sketches
  • Much more!

Module Location

Ian's Sketch

Module #5

Eastgate Clock

Here's what's covered in this module:

  • Understand and learn how to sketch intricate patterns and detail
  • Understand proportional structure and scale
  • Learn how to mix local colour with expressive colour
  • Be able to balance your composition
  • Create 3D effects with visual patterns
  • Much more!

Module Location

Ian's Sketch

Module #6

The Bandstand

Here's what's covered in this module:

  • Understand the importance of context and setting
  • Learn to sketch around a focal point
  • Understand how to control the elements in your sketch
  • Learn how to mix rural elements with man made
  • Understand how to utilize tones and hues
  • Much more!

Module Location

Ian's Sketch

Module #7

River Dee Bridge

Here's what's covered in this module:

  • Experiment with taking risks
  • Learn how to apply and draw with paint straight onto paper
  • Develop your personal and emotional connection with your urban sketch
  • Learn how to blend paints and colours
  • Learn how to evaluate your surroundings
  • Much more!

Module Location

Ian's Sketch

Module #8


Here's what's covered in this module:

module 8

  • Create your own textures
  • Go out on location independently
  • Sketch from household objects
  • Use light to create 3D objects
  • Much more!

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