Quick Sketch Course

Learn Ian Fennelly’s 2-step method for crafting stunning sketches in minutes using only your fine liners and brush pens.

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Navigating a hectic schedule filled with work, family, and endless appointments often leaves little room for your sketching passion. Ian Fennelly's brand new course solves this dilemma by teaching you the art of quick sketching.

Imagine if you could transform just 30 minutes of your day into a session of crafting beautiful black-and-white sketches. You'll discover Ian's best kept secrets, original techniques, and little-known tips that he uses to convert everyday scenes, from simple buildings to architectural wonders, into rapid, effortless pen sketches - good enough to grace any wall.

Whether it's during your lunch break or waiting for your next appointment, by the end of this course, you'll possess the skills to seize brief moments and transform fleeting minutes into beautiful art.

YOUR Quick Sketching TRAINING

Quick sketching in urban environments poses a distinct challenge compared to more detailed, time-intensive drawing techniques. Instead of the leisurely pace that allows for capturing every detail, you're racing against time, attempting to encapsulate the essence of bustling city scenes with just a few strokes.

This swift style demands an adept grasp of capturing shapes, the interaction of light and shadow, and the ability to turn complex urban landscapes into simple, impactful lines and shapes.

In this Quick and Easy Sketch Course, Ian Fennelly demystifies the process, presenting his entire quick sketching process in an easy-to-understand way. With his guidance, you'll learn how to swiftly bring urban scenes to life, ensuring every sketch is infused with energy and character, regardless of your experience level.

discover Ian Fennelly landscape layering process


Each of these 8 workshop locations has been hand-picked by Ian to build your skills and confidence and achieve astounding results quickly. Here's an overview of the eight workshops you'll get instant access to when you take the Quick Sketch course.

Workshop 1 + 2:

The Albert Dock

Workshop 1: Old Steam Tugboat

Start your tour of Liverpool at the Albert Dock and capture an old steam tugboat, gaining insights on how to incorporate the subject within the broader landscape. This first workshop focuses on understanding how to quickly assess and integrate the foreground, midground, and background into your composition.

Workshop 2: The Grand Entrance

Continue your journey further along the dock as you learn to sketch the Grand Entrance, capturing its various angles and captivating details. The workshop aimed to enhance your scene composition skills, utilising adjacent buildings for added depth and perspective, drawing the viewer deeper into the scene.

Explore how to compose your scene by using the nearby buildings to give you more perspective, helping to lead you into the scene

You'll also learn how to capture details like columns, cobbles, steps and patterns when working quickly.

Workshop 3 + 4:

The Waterfront

Workshop 3: The Tate

In this scene, you'll learn how to draw The Tate, an amazing modern art gallery. You'll learn how to frame the art gallery in your scene as you sweep along the dock, focusing on the piermaster's house and capturing all of the interesting details in between.

Workshop 4: Dry Dock

In this workshop, you'll sketch a dramatic schooner boat sitting in a dry dock. There are lots of interesting shapes and small details to capture in this scene like cascading steps, dramatic beams, rigging and rivets. 

You'll also focus on capturing the background layers by using the various docks as framing devices and you'll bring your sketch to life by leading your viewers into the scene by making sure to include the sometimes forgotten details in the foreground.

Workshop 5 + 6:

Famous Places

Workshop 5: Matthew Street

In this scene, you'll take you on a trip to the famous starting place of The Beatles. Start your workshop with a quick tour around this interesting street and get a feel for the story and atmosphere of Matthew Street.

After your tour, you'll learn how to draw this lively narrow passageway filled with lots of different architectural details, bars, signs and banners.

Workshop 6: Steble Fountain

In this scene, you'll head over to the Steble Fountain, located in the museum district of Liverpool. In this workshop, you'll explore the relationship between the fountain and the gallery behind it. By using a variety of tonal values, you'll learn how to create a sense of depth and contrast in a quick sketch. 

Workshop 7 + 8:

Furthering Your Skills

Workshop 7: The Ropewalks

The Rope Walks is a lively area of Liverpool, packed with bars and restaurants. This workshop is about how to simplify and quickly sketch a complex scene, capturing the essence and atmosphere, but without getting bogged down by every detail.

You'll learn how use a variety of materials including different shades of brush pens, fine liners and roller balls to add depth to your sketch and bring the scene to life through details and textures.

Workshop 8: Chinatown

In your final workshop, you'll use all of the skills you have learnt so far to draw a beautiful and dramatic Chinese arch, built block by block in Shanghai.  

The arch will be your starting point, but you'll also capture the sweep of the road and use the buildings to further your composition.

About Your Instructor

Ian Fennelly is a renowned urban sketcher and one of the most in-demand instructors in the world. Known for his vibrant on-the-spot drawings, captivating instructional style, and boundless creativity, Ian has garnered an enthusiastic global audience.

In the Quick Sketch Course, Ian unveils his unique approach to capturing the essence of city life with rapid, expressive strokes. This course offers a deep dive into Ian's techniques for quickly sketching urban landscapes, blending architecture and the bustling energy of city scenes into captivating artworks.

Participants will learn the secrets behind his quick sketching method, empowering them to bring the dynamic urban environment to life on paper.



The key to crafting compelling urban sketches quickly lies in mastering depth, spatial awareness, and contrast. Ian's structured approach demystifies these concepts for any urban setting you aim to depict. Ideal for beginner urban sketchers, this course provides a clear, step-by-step guide for transforming complex scenes into captivating artwork.

Here are some of the key components covered in these workshops:

Easy Art Tools

Discover how Ian works with a limited selection of art supplies to encourage faster and more confident strokes. A few pens can be incredibly versatile when you're familiar with their range of marks. 

Speedy Structures

Learn Ian’s techniques for quickly identifying compelling compositions that convey a story through sketches. This includes framing a scene and identifying focal points.

Texture Training

Uncover Ian's simple processes for adding textures in the foreground to lead the viewer into the scene and how this contrasts to less defined textures in the background. When executed skillfully, this approach imbues your entire scene with a dynamic sense of depth.

Selective Detailing

Discover how to avoid the temptation to add too much detail by focusing on just enough detail to make the subject recognisable but keep it minimal. Helping to speed up the sketching process and adding an element of stylisation to your work.

Expressive Masterclass

Learn Ian's effective methods for quick and lively sketches with swift, expressive strokes to capture their essence and overall form rather than their intricate details. 

Contrast Coaching

Discover the specific shapes,  strength, and tonal values that Ian uses when just using ink to create strong visual contrast in scenes. Learn techniques for applying light and simple shading to suggest form and depth without using bold .

The Location

There was no more fitting setting for Ian to introduce you to the rich tapestry of quick urban sketching techniques than Liverpool, UK, where Ian's urban sketching journey began!

With its dynamic blend of historic waterfront architecture, bustling streets, and modern art installations, Liverpool offers a unique canvas for any artist. From the iconic skyline dominated by the Liver Building to the cultural vibrancy of the Albert Dock and the Beatles' heritage.

Now, it's your opportunity to capture the essence of Liverpool's spirit and charm as Ian takes you through the streets, guiding your hand to sketch the city's life, all from the comfort of your own home!

lake district

But that's not all...

You'll Also Get These Bonuses Absolutely FREE (Worth )

Free Bonus 1

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Take a tour around Ian's finished sketchbook as he talks you through his first-ever urban sketches and some of the stories behind them. Watch Ian discuss his thought process as he outlines the differences between his sketches and reflects in a special interview on how this sketchbook started a new sketching journey and career across the world.

Free Bonus 2

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Buy this course and you'll also gain access to our thriving online feedback gallery.

This is a safe and private place where urban sketchers of all abilities can share their work without judgement - while getting positive, constructive feedback from supportive, like-minded sketchers who are all rooting for you!

There's no better place to learn, overcome challenges and build your confidence and skills than the Urban Sketch Feedback Gallery.

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Wherever you find yourself, there's a moment waiting to be captured with your sketchbook.

From the energetic pulse of city life to the serene ambience of your favourite street corner, this fast sketching course equips you with the techniques to quickly sketch any urban scene with confidence. Throughout this course, you'll gain the skills to effectively simplify complex urban landscapes into captivating sketches.

Perfect for artists on the go, this course transforms every bustling environment into an opportunity for artistic expression, teaching you to seize the moment and sketch the vibrancy of urban settings with ease and speed.



The complete Quick Sketch Course (8 Online Workshops)

✔ BONUS 1: Take a tour of Ian's first-ever Urban Sketchbook: ( Value)

✔ BONUS 2: Free Access to our Urban Sketchers Feedback Gallery ( Value)

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You'll Get:

The complete Quick Sketch Course (8 Online Workshops)
✔ BONUS 1: Take a tour of Ian's first-ever Urban Sketchbook ( Value)
✔ BONUS 2: Free Access to our Urban Sketchers Feedback Gallery ( Value)
24/7 Lifetime Access (it never expires)
30-Day Money Back Guarantee




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How easy is this course for a complete beginner like me?

The Quick Sketch course is a beginners course.

Ian has removed the 'confusion' of colour and teaches his 2-step process for capturing the essence of any scene using only fine liners, brush pens and roller balls.

If you're a beginner sketcher, if you've found other courses too difficult, then the Quick Sketch Course is your missing link.

As you watch and follow-along with Ian, you'll be amazed at the speed and the results you achieve. And by the end of this course, you'll have the skills and confidence to tackle any scene.

I'm an advanced sketcher, is this course worthwhile for me?

While Ian has developed the course for beginner's in mind, advanced artists will not only enjoy learning his quick sketching process, but you will also find the course itself entertaining and inspiring.

Filmed in Ian Fennelly's hometown of Liverpool you'll learn a lot from how Ian works off the buzz, the culture, the music, the nostalgia and the history, while dealing with the hustle and bustle of sketching in a big city like this.

Can I follow along with Ian while taking this course?

Yes. This is over-my-shoulder learning with Ian Fennelly.

Ian is an experienced and engaging teacher and has broken each workshop down into two easy-to-follow stages. Within each of those stages he takes you through each step in the process, while explaining everything he is doing, slowly and methodically.

You can also slow down, pause, or speed up each tutorial to suit your own style of learning. And with lifetime access, you can watch the course over and over again.

What's the difference between this course and your other courses?

In this course, Ian Fennelly teaches his two-step 'Quick Sketching' methodology.

Here's a quick run-down of the key differences between this course and other urban sketching courses:

  • - there's no in this course. Instead, you'll learn how to compensate for a lack of color by learning hatching, dotting, texture, shading, tonal values, and particular uses of detail to bring your sketches to life.
  • Speed - there are just 2 steps to Ian's Quick Sketch process. You don't need to take half a day out of your busy schedule to go and sketch. You can do this on a lunch break, while waiting for an appointment, or while sat on the beach.

    If finding the time to sketch has been an issue for you up to now, then this course eliminates that.

  • Detail - this is a masterclass in how to simplify any complex scene, yet still capture the essence and energy of whatever you're sketching.
  • Location - the Quick Sketch course was filmed on-location in the vibrant City of Liverpool.
  • Mindset - the biggest hurdle for beginners is overcoming your own self-limiting beliefs. The Quick Sketch course helps you to overcome procrastination, frustration, fear, self-criticism. It builds your confidence from the ground up.
Do I get lifetime course access?

Yes, you'll get lifetime access to the course and all of the supporting downloads and resources that come with it. It never expires which means that you can you learn in your own time and at your own pace and go through it again and again.

How easy is this online course to use?

Our learning platform is super simple to use. Each tutorial is delivered by video and requires nothing more than clicking the play button.


I struggle with time, is this course quick and easy to get through?
Yes. The whole premise of the course is quick!

There are just 2 stages to this process and no water involved. You can learn this quickly and you can start practising these techniques in just a few minutes a day. This is fast and a whole lot of fun!


We've poured everything into making what we believe are the best urban sketching courses available. However, if after buying any of our courses you are unhappy for any reason (or no reason at all), just let us know within 30-days and we'll happily issue you with a full refund. No explanation needed and no hoops to jump through. Signing up to our courses is risk-free.

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