Eastgate Clock

Signed Limited Edition Prints

By Ian Fennelly

Ian Fennelly is a teacher and well-known urban sketcher who makes art in busy locations. Ian recently spent time filming Urban Sketch Course, which is an online course dedicated to helping other aspiring artists develop and hone urban sketching skills.

During the making of Urban Sketch Course Ian created several pieces of urban artwork. We are delighted to offer you this unique opportunity to purchase the signed limited edition Giclee prints that were created exclusively for this course.

Chester Cross
Chester Bridge
Chester Bandstand
Broxton Garden
Eastgate Clock

Our Courses

Whether you’re brand new to urban sketching or a confident artist, our engaging, video-based online courses teach you step-by-step how to go from blank page, to capturing the bustle and beauty of the world around you, in the unique and fashionable style that is urban sketching.